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English-Polish translationPosted by Fiules Fri, July 20, 2012 10:03:33

Free translation services are traditionally done using machine translations. With the remarkable evolution of words the dynamics that are involved in a culture, machine translations may produce text that while literally correct miss the figurative meaning intended by the original passage.

Languages are living, breathing, changing entities. They are multi-faceted and constantly evolving and growing. You know yourself that words change in pronunciation and meaning over time. English has its own examples of this. Twenty years ago, the word “cool”, simply meant that something was not warm. Today, the word “cool” typically is used to mean, excellent, remarkable or wonderful, along with missing warmth. Knowing which way the word is being used makes a vast difference in the outcome of the translated text.

Polish translation services that employ linguists are able to respond to the implied meaning of the written word. While they often use computer assistance, a human translator, editor and proofreader are more capable of proving translations that are capture the nuance of language such as hyperbole and humor. For example, when very hungry you are not really “starving” and a translation that implied you were would miss the point. Language translation services make good use of modern technology but still rely on the professional translator to express what was really meant in the first place.

As human language evolves and grows, the professional linguist can quickly incorporate new meanings and phrases. Language translation services employ linguists who are subject matter experts as well. They know the business, the customers and the products. They also know the cultural norms and expectations of individuals who speak both the source and target languages.

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