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How many words does a professional Polish English translator translate per day?

Polish-English translationPosted by Fiules Sat, October 28, 2017 20:20:30

You are not alone if you have ever wondered how many words does a professional Polish English translator translate per day. Is there a limit to what a human Polish English translator can produce on daily basis? This however is a tricky inquiry and doesn’t have a definite response as everyone and every English-Polish translation company have their various working methodologies with diverse fields, software, equipment, skills and experiences. Thus, it is a bit hard to generalize in providing a straight answer to this question.

For instance, you may be given a task of 2 projects with same wordcount but different fields; and you will discover that both tasks will require a different approach and timing. Whilst one may take you a quick 30 minutes to achieve, the other may require you to spend an hour or more to execute. If you know languages, you know perfectly well what we are talking about: try translating a menu from a sophisticated restaurant!

Some factors to consider are medium of operations i.e. working with text formats in either hard copy form or soft copy (electronic) form. Here you would realize dealing with hard copies would take longer time than when you are working on electronic texts. Whilst a paper-based Polish-English translator may be stuck on 1,800 words a day, Polish-English translators working with electronic formats (file-based translations) and a good English-Polish translation memory, can achieve anything between 2,500 and 3,000 words. But this may also differ across languages as translating into Japanese is known to be slower than translating into European languages as several keystrokes are required to display and type a character in any of the three alphabets used in Japanese. In the case of Chinese translations, translators may often need to choose between the suggestions provided by the software.

Your point for word reference also matters a lot here, as looking up words you don’t quite understand will come up fast when your dictionaries are upright. Looking up words on the Internet may make you lose some extra time.

And also the more acquainted you are with a specific subject or topic; the more speedily the translation will go. A clearly written, easy-to-understand text will also come up fast in translating when compared to text that has long and hard-to-understand sentences.

You can also consider speed of typing as this is one of the major factors that determines how many words per day one can get through when translating a Polish or English document.

Another pointer is to consider calculating the time it will take to edit and proofread any project as a Polish-English translation job does not only consist of just translating but also to check, double check and triple check the job!

One translator may boast of translating 150 words per hour working on a complex text where he or she is not so familiar with and requires a lot of inquiries. And on one hand again, the same person may mention that he or she can translate 600 words per hour working on a much easier text in which he or she is specialized.

With this being stated, a English Polish translator working on a certain project may produce between 3000 – 5000 words daily if certain conditions and technologies apply. For example, it is known that customized machine translation boosts the productivity of translators and that having reliable translation memories will also speed the translation process. This however cannot be sustained over a long period – hence averagely, he or she would be able to do between 1500 and 3000 words daily, functioning at a comfy speed and also having the time to review and check through his or her work accurately.

In conclusion, it all depends on the person or company in question – as skills, experience and method of work organization play a vital role in determining translation word counts. It is you as a user of Polish English translation services or professional Polish English translator, who has to set your standards, check up your timing and schedule to see the number of words that you can achieve every day with the right translation tools.

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Legal Polish English translator

Polish English translatorPosted by Fiules Mon, October 09, 2017 12:15:34

Law is concerned with human behaviour. Although different societies encourage different forms of behaviour all human beings have the capacity to behave in any way prescribed, on the condition we do understand what the law requires us to do. The same applies to legal translation, which in order to be successful in terms of communication must incorporate target language-oriented text-normative equivalents.

Legal translators are usually ‘left to their own devices’ in making their decisions as to the right stylistics and tone to be adopted in translation. These decisions are usually based on comparative analysis of random parallel texts, which may prove to be a time-consuming and tiresome activity.

This ‘introduction’ aims to offer practical information regarding the conventions and norms which are characteristic of legislative texts. It is also designed to aid translators in their work by offering a practical comparative manual of the Polish and English drafting styles and other useful information on legal translation.

Legal norm.

A legal norm can be defined to contain a normative statement that produces some legal effects. Any legal norm must convey information in order to fulfil its function of communicating standards of behaviour. Consequently, a norm serves as a scheme of interpretation. The problem of the legal norm has also been discussed in terms of ‘legislative sentences’ which consist of the following elements:

fact-situation (Tatbestand) which specifies the conditions under which the particular rule operates – in other words, it gives conditions of application of a given norm

statement of law (Tatfolge) which prescribes the action to be taken and by whom in the event the conditions constituting the fact-situation are met

Fact-situation in English legislative sentences.

The statement of law, which specifies its modality, is always in the main clause (or clauses), whereas the elements pertaining to the fact-situation are more flexible, being formulated as adverbial modifiers in a subordinate ‘if’ or ‘where’ clause. The clauses which express fact-situation can be introduced in English by conjunctions such as ‘if’ (jeżeli, jeśli), ‘on condition that’ (pod warunkiem, że...), ‘provided that’ (pod warunkiem, że..., o ile...), ‘providing that’ (pod warunkiem, że..., o ile...), ‘so / as long as’ (dopóki..., tak długo jak..., pod warunkiem, że...) and ‘unless’ (jeżeli nie..., jeśli nie..., o ile nie..., chyba że...). In the case of English legislative texts, however, legal rules are being formulated mostly as conditional sentences, with ‘if’ – clauses and ‘where’– clauses introducing the fact-situation.

Fact-situation in Polish legislative sentences

The clauses which express fact-situation can be introduced in Polish by conjunctions such as jeżeli, jeśli, w przypadku gdy, w wypadku gdy, pod warunkiem, chyba że, o ile, w razie. See the following examples:

jeżeli = ‘where’ / ‘if’ / ‘embedded fact situation’
wspólnik nie uiścił dopłaty w określonym terminie, obowiązany jest do zapłaty odsetek ustawowych... . (KSH Art. 178 § 2)

Where a shareholder fails to make an additional payment by the specified date, he shall be obliged to pay statutory interest... . (CCC1)
If a shareholder does not pay the additional contribution within a specified deadline, he shall pay statutory interest... . (PCCC)

w wypadku gdy = ‘when’
Przepis powyższy stosuje się odpowiednio w wypadku, gdy umowa została zawarta w imieniu osoby prawnej, która nie istnieje. (KC Art. 39 § 2)

The above provision shall correspondingly apply when a contract has been concluded in the name of a legal person which is non-existent. (PCC)

pod warunkiem = ‘on condition that’
Stosowanie niebezpiecznych substancji i niebezpiecznych preparatów chemicznych jest dopuszczalne pod warunkiem zastosowania środków zapewniających pracownikom ochronę ich zdrowia i życia. (KP Art. 221 § 3)

Hazardous chemical substances and preparations may be used on condition that measures are taken to protect the health and life of employees. (PLC)

chyba że = ‘unless’ / ‘save as’
Jeżeli akcjonariusz nie dokonał wpłaty w terminie określonym w §1, jest on obowiązany do zapłacenia odsetek ustawowych za opóźnienie lub odszkodowania, chyba że statut stanowi inaczej. (KSH Art. 330 § 5)
If the shareholder fails to make the payment on the date specified in §1, the shareholder shall pay statutory interest on delay or damages, unless the statutes provide otherwise. (PCCC)
Save as otherwise provided in the company articles, a shareholder who has failed to make payment by the date referred to in paragraph 1 shall be liable to pay statutory interest for the default, or damages. (PCOCPAC)

The above is an excerpt from: Słownik terminologii prawniczej angielsko-polski polsko-angielski Opracowanie Ewa Myrczek

I used my Google voice typing to write this document as well. This could be very useful tool for some English-Polish translators.

I'm fully qualified Polish English translator and interpreter and I'm holder of diploma in public services interpreting. If you want to use my services please contact me at email or phone me at +447988788539 or visit my website.

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9/11 to oszustwo

English Polish translatorPosted by Fiules Fri, September 29, 2017 18:32:27
Świetny wywiad z Aaronem Russo, który rozumiał i wiedział, że 9/11 to oszustwo jak również jest oszustwem walka z terroryzmem. Film jest po angielsku z polskim tłumaczeniem. Jest to wywiad, w którym Aaron opiera swoje wypowiedzi wyłącznie na sprawdzonych faktach i rozmowach z wpływowymi ludźmi, którzy posiadają prawdziwą wiedzę. Mówi on w jaki sposób społeczeństwo jest manipulowane oraz podaje receptę na wyjście z problemów. Podstawą problemów i tego że pewne ograniczone grupy ludzi mają nieograniczoną władzę jest ich zdolność do emisji pieniądza za który rząd dodatkowo płaci odsetki. Odebranie prawa do emisji pieniądza od prywatnych banków i powrót to pieniądza opartego na parytecie złota pozwoliłby na zlikwidowanie zadłużenia i znaczące obniżenie inflacji. To z kolei podniosłoby wartość pracy ludzkich rąk i odzyskanie wolności. Wspomina też o ruchu wyzwolenia kobiet który wielu ludzi uważa za słuszny jednak jego celem było rozbicie rodziny poprzez zaangażowanie kobiet w pracę, jak również możliwość ich opodatkowania (wcześniej kobiety nie musiały pracować poza domem żeby dom się utrzymał, jak również nie musiały płacić podatków). Opowiada również o globalnym planie NWO - Nowy Porządek Światowy w którym to docelowo każdy człowiek na Ziemi ma być zachipowany i podłączony do światowego systemu bankowego i w każdej chwili w przypadku sprzeciwu wobec danej władzy może być z tego systemu wyłączony. 9/11 to była fałszywa flaga i operacja zaplanowana dużo wcześniej i przeprowadzona w celu usprawiedliwienia przyszłych ataków na takie kraje jak Irak, Afganistan i Iran, które następnie miały być włączone do systemu podlegającemu NWO.
Wyjaśnia on, że wojna w Iraku z punktu widzenia tamtejszej ludności była zwykłą wojną obronną, a prawdziwym agresorem były USA. Wyjaśnia również jak działa cały system polityczny w USA oraz to, że demokracja to zaraza systemu, zgodnie z Konstytucją USA jest republiką prezydencką, a demokracja jest tego kompletnym zaprzeczeniem i jedynym powodem dlaczego funkcjonuje jest to, że jest wygodna do sterowania dla korporacji poprzez układy lobbystów z parlamentarzystami. Jest tam też wiele innych ciekawych wątków, które polecam.

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Polish English translatorPosted by Fiules Fri, September 29, 2017 12:05:47
Really funny test!!! Enjoy!!! I eat this food on daily basis without any problems :) Normally Poles eat it every day and they don't find it disgusting. And most of these foods are actually necessary to have healthy gut bacteria. Crisps of course don't belong here.

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Bank Światowy: Kryminaliści piorący pieniądze | Wywiad z informatorką Karen Hudes

Polish-English translationPosted by Fiules Sun, November 06, 2016 14:00:20

Abby Martin talks to Karen Hudes, former senior executive at the World Bank, about her experience blowing the whistle on the high level corruption within the international financial system and how her story was censored.

Polish translation:

Abby Martin rozmawia z Karen Hudes, byłą wysoką urzędniczką Banku Światowego, na temat jej doświadczenia informowania o korupcji na wysokim poziomie w międzynarodowym systemie finansowym i o tym jak jej opowieść była cenzurowana.

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Polish Speaker job in Manchester

Polish-English translationPosted by Fiules Thu, January 14, 2016 22:02:02

Job Ref: LH-iljgkh

Employer: Nationwide Placements UK

Industry: Direct Sales

Job Type: Full Time

Country: North West

County: Greater Manchester

City: Manchester


(Show on map)

Salary and Benefits: £33000 - £35000 per annum + negotiable

Post Date: 01/13/2016

International Sales (Polish Speaker)

Nationwide Placements (UK) is currently seeking an International Sales Executive.

Our client is a well known technology, software and hardware GIANT that has the capacity to change your life forever with unrivalled career progression. You will be working in an International Task Force targeting 40 countries across the globe including the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Poland, Russia, France, Germany as well as Africa and Oceana.

Our client needs people with a consultative approach who understand the future and what technologies are taking us there. The role consists of developing international accounts as well as opening new spaces.

Starting salary upto £30k (Realistic), Car allowance, pension, mobile, laptop, work from home (cloud CRM).

The ideal International Sales individual:

Must be Polish speaking

Have experience of working within Polish markets.

Have experience in various sales roles

Have a strong background in B2B, B2C, and face to face presentations

Be target driven

Please apply via our online application form with your latest CV for a more detailed job description.

Your CV and a little about Nationwide Placements (UK) Ltd

Nationwide Placements positively welcomes applications from candidates, no matter what their age, gender, ethnicity, or lifestyle.

We always recommend having your CV professionally prepared, up to date and ready to be put in front of potential employers. We will keep you updated at all times with the progress of your application whether successful or not.

Recruiting? Fill your vacancies with Nationwide Placements (UK) from just £500. No corners cut, all our clients receive the full recruitment & consultancy service.

Job status: Full Time

To apply visit:

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Act global and think local: how not to get lost in translation

English Polish translatorPosted by Fiules Tue, November 25, 2014 21:58:24

So what do companies need to do? Here are some top tips:


English is the world’s lingua franca, so having an English version of your website is a no-brainer and many are doing this pretty well. However, if your target audience is Chinese, then by the same token, you need a Chinese version of your website. You don’t have to translate the entire site, but start with your most popular pages and check the results. You can then determine if it makes sense to translate the entire website.


Make sure all versions of your website are perfectly aligned to reflect your brand. It should be done by a professional translation partner. You should take the same care in creating your website in additional languages as you do in creating your English content.


So you’ve published the perfect translation, but you still aren’t seeing additional customers. You need to treat your translated site exactly the same as you would treat the flagship website, and this means international SEO optimization.


English keywords may vary from country to country. For example in Spanish, depending on the country, “scooter” can be translated into escúter, motoneta, or motocicleta, but the term most often searched for is vespa. You need to ensure your key words are not simply translated, but that in-country research is conducted to find the most suitable term.


Mobile-optimized websites and other apps should be a key part of your strategy, not only in English but all your languages. Translating your app or mobile site can be done very quickly and economically, since there is very little content to translate.


Know which platforms your customers are actively using. Don’t just assume you need to be on Facebook and Twitter in every country. They are both banned in China, but Kaixin is very popular there.

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